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Dawn and Ken Lorenzi, Owners of Nickel Creek Landscaping are Third generation Vineyard owners in beautiful Northern California, in Mendocino County just off Highway 101 in Ukiah California. Founded by Giacondo Lorenzi in 1933, It is now four generation strong, owned and operated by Ken and Dawn Lorenzi. The vineyard is now a fully organic facility with multiple micro climates allowing them to grow some of the finest wine grapes in Northern California.Nickel Creek Landscape and Design LLC was founded in 1990, NorCal Easy Green DBA was founded in 2008 as part of an expansion into more “Green products”. Based on there experience in their field they could see the challenges Northern California had to face in conserving water, preserving our land field and creating new jobs in our community. The Lorenzi’s Group set out to find solution for their community. After looking at many different avenues they came across a company in Denver Colorado that was the oldest manufacturer of Artificial Grass in the USA.

They had developed the first synthetic Grass that was made from recycled bottles and had a soy base back.They also were developing a New Grass! that stayed Cooler than other Synthetic Grass’s, that would be a better fit for Sports Fields and Play Ground Areas. Not only were they working on new solutions for synthetic Grass but they had come out with a product called Organafill that is a totally organic infill material to replace the rubber infill material and helps the synthetic Grass’s stay 10% cooler. It also, is engineered to kill bacteria and fungi that can be a problem in playgrounds, sports fields and kennels. This company has been innovative in helping our environment go Green for two decades. NCLD found the right match for our needs in today’s world. Nickel Creek Landscape and Design & Nickel Creek Landscaping are a family based company that puts quality first.

At Nickel Creek Landscaping, we are dedicated to superior landscape service. We want to create a picturesque landscape that fits all of your functionality and design needs, and we will use our years of knowledge to help with your particular landscape needs. For more information call us at 707-485-1961.

Nickel Creek is Landscape and Design Company, provides all you need about Garden and Landscape Design to get better garden decorations.

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